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If you are a successful, full-time professional speaker and are interested in becoming a speaker represented by Capitol City Speakers Bureau, we would be pleased to consider you. As one of the nation's leading speakers bureaus, we work with large and small corporations, professional associations, colleges and universities and celebrity forums.

When recommending speakers to our clients, we draw upon our network of information, our personal experience and our customer's needs. We help meeting planners simplify their job by narrowing the choice of speakers, reducing selection time, ensuring the quality of the speaker chosen and facilitating logistics including travel arrangements, equipment requirements, etc.

Checklist We are constantly seeking out and evaluating new speakers on our clients' behalf. With hundreds of speakers in our database of active speakers, we must be selective and systematic in our approach to adding new speakers. Our ability to represent a speaker depends primarily on the promotional materials that the speaker provides. With the exception of celebrity status speakers, authors and other individuals with significant name recognition, our clients depend heavily on a speaker's demo video and promotional packet when making their speaker selection. This is why it is important that your promotional packet be professionally done, complete with these items:

Demo Video
    - Ideally a minimum of 8-12 minutes in length in front of a live audience.
  - Please provide a link to where the video is either hosted online or can be downloaded directly.

Bureau Friendly or Bureau-Personalized Press Kit
    - Your current bio.
  - Articles that have been published about you.
  - A copy of your published book.
  - 4-5 letters of recommendation from previous audiences.
  - A "One-Sheet" containing all of the above information is useful as well.

Fee Schedule
Please note your gross, commissionable fees for:
    - Keynote
  - Half-Day
  - Non-Profit
  - Local Area
  - Travel requirements

List of Topics/Presentations
    - A general list of topics you speak on (e.g. Motivation, Team Building, Stress).
  - The title and a brief description of each of your programs (most popular presentation listed first).

Audio/Visual Requirements
1 Color Photograph
  Hi-resolution (300 dpi) is preferred.

List of other Speakers Bureaus who book you.
Contact Information
In addition to your telephone and postal mailing address, please include:
    - Website address
  - Email address

$100 Processing Fee
Check should be made payable to one of these three charities:
    - Habitat for Humanity
  - The American Cancer Society
  - The American Heart Association

PLEASE NOTE: This fee guarantees that we will invest the necessary time to review your materials, and that we will include your information in our database. It does not guarantee that we will book you for a client, market you to our clients or prospects or add you to our website.

When sending your materials to us, please keep these important points in mind:

  • All items must be received at the same time in order to be reviewed.

  • All items must be "Bureau-Friendly" or "Bureau-Personalized."
    Please do not send materials displaying your personal contact information.

We will review your materials on an as-received basis. Due to the large volume of speaker packets we receive, a thorough review may take 3-4 weeks, therefore we request your patience. Mike Klemm will be available for a 15-minute phone call to discuss your materials and speech once the review is complete.

Please email your materials to Mike Klemm:

Processing fee should be mailed to:

  Capitol City Speakers Bureau
  Attn: Mike Klemm
  1620 South 5th Street
  Springfield, IL 62703.

Thank you again for your interest. We look forward to receiving your materials.


National Speakers Association If you are seeking guidance on becoming a full-time professional speaker, please visit the National Speakers Association web site.

Working with Speakers BureausThe late, great author and speaker Bryan Townsend wrote a book referred to as "...the definitive book on the subject of working with speakers bureaus." Working with Speakers Bureaus is an excellent guideline to helping speakers learn the do's and don'ts of the speaker bureau business.

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