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Capitol City Speakers Bureau is pleased to welcome two new members to the team!

Laura Stoll
Marketing & Special Projects
  Tracy Freeburg
Account Manager

Head over to the About Us page to get to know these two outstanding professionals a little better.


27th AnniversaryAt Capitol City Speakers Bureau, we've experienced some major changes over the last 27 years. In 1993, email wasn't yet used by the masses. Google hadn't been founded. The Dow teetered around 3,300. In January of 1993, a start-up company named the Capitol City Speakers Bureau began operations. Client contacts were stored in the Rolodex pictured above. Our first website didn't even launch until four years later!

But change hasn't been the only constant for us throughout our 27 years in business. Our superior customer service and our respected relationships with speakers and event planners remain steadfast even as we adjust and grow. Twenty-seven years later, we are grateful for both the changes and the constants.

We no longer use that Rolodex, but today we book the most prominent business leaders, sports personalities, motivational speakers and healthcare experts across the industry! As we commemorate 27 years in January 2020, we are celebrating each and every opportunity to help thrill your audience and make your event a tremendous success. We extend our deepest gratitude for your trust and support!

National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale's birthday.

In 2020, the theme for National Nurses Week is "Nurses... Compassion | Expertise |Trust." Speaker calendars fill up quickly for this important celebration. Don't wait to secure a seasoned pro to inspire and show gratitude to your staff for a job well done!


Having an event in the St. Louis Area? We have great relationships with many dynamic speakers in and around St. Louis. Visit our St. Louis Area Speakers page to choose a local, professional speaker!




Having an Event in the Chicago Area? Visit our Chicago Area Speakers page to choose a top notch, professional speaker and save on expenses!



Ron Galloway

Ron is a researcher who focuses primarily on new trends and technologies in programs include:

  • The Disruptors: How Big Tech Will Change The Future Of Healthcare - Impact Amazon, Apple, Google and others will make on healthcare.

  • The Amazon Pharmacy: Its Growth & Impact - Amazon's motivations and plans as it develops the Amazon Pharmacy.

  • A.I. For Humans: The Impact Artificial Intelligence Will Have On Your Business & Life - A look into our possible futures as these new tools of artificial intelligence change everything.

The Motive The Motive: Why So Many Leaders Abdicate Their Most Important Responsibilities

New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni has written a dozen books that focus on how leaders can build teams and lead organizations. In The Motive, he shifts his attention toward helping them understand the importance of why they're leading in the first place. Lencioni uses unexpected plot twists and crisp dialogue to take us on a journey that culminates in a resolution that is as unexpected as it is enlightening.

Dream Makers: Surround Yourself with the Best to Be Your Best

Dream Makers picks up where The Rookie left off. This compelling memoir explores the untapped territory of Jim Morris's life, including his contentious relationship with his father, his incessant and grueling struggle with pain and addiction, the mentorship with his wise and loving grandfather who kept him grounded, and the resolve and faith that drove him to overcome every tribulation. Dream Makers explores the transformative power of surrounding yourself with the best, most accomplished people possible--inspiring you to overcome life's obstacles and achieve your dreams.

Dream Makers

The Motive Why Did I Come into This Room?: A Candid Conversation about Aging

In a society where youth is revered and aging feared, Why Did I Come into This Room? is the long-awaited tell-it-like-it-is guide for women of all ages. In her most candid and revealing book yet, acclaimed this hilarious book, she takes the dull and depressing out of aging, replacing it with wit and humor. Whether you're in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or more, this book is full of helpful information to embrace - or at least prepare for - the inevitable.

Devon Harris

Devon served in the officer corps of the Jamaica Defence Force until December 1992 when he retired as a Captain. Encouraged by his commanding officer, Devon tried out for and was selected to the first Jamaican bobsled team. The team competed in the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada and their exploits inspired the Disney blockbuster movie Cool Runnings.

In his popular program Hot Lessons from Cool Runnings - Coaching for Personal and Professional Success, Devon skillfully weaves the real life improbable inspirational story of the Jamaica bobsled team with the entertaining portrayal from the blockbuster movie.

With over three decades of global healthcare experience, speaking, and firsthand business experience, Sharon knows that balance is a lifestyle choice and not about the latest fads, ads, or promotions. Balance is for everyone, every day. It's how we should live our lives. Sharon, often referred to as a Stressbuster for her ability to identify stressors and solutions, is recognized globally for her work with organizations that want to learn how life balance can drive safety, satisfaction, and success!

Through her programs, Sharon helps you identify the stressors that are costing you time, money, and productivity and helps you become empowered to move beyond tragedy and setbacks to reclaim your life!

Sharon Weinstein

Scott Steinberg

Hailed as The Master of Innovation by Fortune magazine, and World's Leading Business Strategist, award-winning strategic consultant and trends expert, Scott is a bestselling expert on leadership, change and innovation. Among today's top business strategy and leadership training providers, and author of Make Change Work For You and Millennial Marketing, the Fortune 500 calls him a "defining figure in business and technology" and "top trendsetter to follow."

One of the world's 150 most influential keynote speakers and futurists, and today's #1 generations expert and technology expert (per Google), he offers breakouts, workshops, and keynotes on Leading with Innovation, Change Management, Defending Against Disruption and Future Trends.

Kim Becking is an engaging, high-energy, fun and impactful motivational keynote speaker, change and leadership expert and award-winning author who helps others build a Momentum Mindset™ to conquer change, boost resilience and accelerate success in their business, life and relationships no matter what.

Kim has the ability to connect with her audiences at a deeper level. Her authentic and empowering messages of extraordinary resilience, conquering change and creating success regardless of your circumstances have made her a favorite among her audiences. Kim doesn't want you to just bounce back after change and adversity - she wants you to develop a "Momentum Mindset" where you use the change and adversity in life as the fuel needed to propel you forward - better than ever before.

Kim Becking

Danny Snow

Danny was born into a true Disney family. He and EVERY member of his immediate family worked for Walt Disney World at some point in their careers, learning what it takes to create a loyalty-driving customer experience. Danny took the service principles he learned at Disney to his work at other organizations, quickly earning the reputation of "customer service champ."

As Director of Marketing for Snow & Associates, Inc., he helped grow the family business from a startup into one of the top customer service speaking/training companies in the world. As a speaker, Danny helps organizations achieve their goals related to customer service, employee development, and leadership. His presentations are designed to be highly entertaining, while sharing business principles that can be immediately applied.

Josh has traveled more than 1,000,000 miles by train, plane, bus, bike, and camel to over 70 countries in pursuit of knowledge and discovery. A fellow of both The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society, Josh has traced the Ark of the Covenant from the caverns of Jerusalem to the mountains of Ethiopia and has communed with tribal chiefs in the darkest jungles of the Amazon Rainforest. Audiences around the world know Josh from his roles hosting series for the History, Discovery, Smithsonian, and National Geographic channels.

Today, Josh's production company is committed to producing authentic content that engages, educates, and enlightens. When not filming, Josh loves to speak about his adventures and the importance of courage and curiosity in keynote addresses for both adults and students.

Josh Bernstein

Scott Steinberg

Anne-Louise is an internationally known motivational speaker and award-winning recording artist, author, singer-songwriter, master storyteller, former Nurse and Breast Cancer Survivor! She brings a positive and empowering approach to living a life of "Audacious Joy." Using current neuroscience research and the concept of Growth Mindset, plus humor, music and storytelling, Anne-Louise shares tips and tools to help her audiences change their stories to live life with hope, health and happiness.

Anne-Louise speaks and performs across America and Europe in concerts and keynotes as herself and as her alter-ego, Aunt Lena, an amalgam of Anne-Louise's exuberant Italian relatives. She not only brings smiles and laughter but goes a little deeper with her cutting-edge Mediterranean wisdom to make a real and positive difference in people's lives.

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Many of the speaker's bio pages on our website include video clips of speeches, interviews and performances. We are constantly updating and adding to our Video Library. Watch speakers in action right from your computer!


Phil Van Hooser

Carey Lohrenz

Bill Stainton

Rory Vaden

2019 Class of Certified Speaking Professionals!
Axel Liebetrau, CSP
Barbara Khozam, CSP
Cheryl Knowlton, CSP
Corey Perlman, CSP
Darcy Luoma, CSP
David Fram, CSP
Douglas Andrew, CSP
Dr. Volker Busch, CSP
Eddie Turner, CSP
Elizabeth McCormick, CSP
Graeme Newell, CSP
Hilary Blair, CSP
Holly Hoffman, CSP
Isabelle Fontaine, CSP
James Robilotta, CSP
Jan Ditgen, CSP
Janel Anderson, PhD, CSP
Jennifer Eggers, CSP
Joe Mull, CSP
Joe Schmit, CSP
Kim Hodous, CSP
Laura Williams, CSP
Laurie Maddalena, CSP
Lisa Ryan, CSP
Mark Brown, CSP
Mark Fenner, CSP
Michelle Villalobos, CSP
Niklas Myhr, PhD, CSP
Pamela Robinson, CSP
Paul Meshanko, CSP
Peter Margaratis, CSP, MAcc, CSP
Phil Jones, CSP
Ramon Ray, CSP
Sarah McVanel, CSP
Scott Crabtree, CSP
Shawna Suckow, CSP
Sherene McHenry, PhD, CSP
Sheri Prentiss, MD, MPH, CPS/A, CSP
Stan Phelps, CSP
Tami Evans, CSP
Thomas Frey, CSP

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