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Kathleen Passanisi, PT, CSP, CPAE Missouri
Photo of Kathy Passanisi

Who is Kathleen Passanisi, PT, CSP, CPAE?
A New Perspective, a Solution, a Partner, the Antidote to Dull Meetings; and that's only the beginning. . . Fortune 500 to cancer survivors, women's groups to trauma teams. What does this wide range of clients have in common? A New Perspective! Since 1987, Kathleen Passanisi has helped thousands change their outlook and their lives one laugh at a time through her engaging and entertaining programs.

An internationally recognized speaker, humorist, medical professional and author, Kathleen brings substance, style and clean hilarity to her universal content, guaranteeing a successful meeting and a lasting impact on those involved. During her high-energy programs, your participants will learn how to reduce stress, improve well-being, enhance creativity and make life at home and work more fun! Whether you want to begin your conference with a bang, perk up the post-lunch or end on a high note, each presentation is custom-tailored to suit your exact goals and needs. Audiences say they feel like she's been looking over their shoulders for a month.

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Kathleen Passanisi's work is all about making conscious choices for the better based on new perspectives. Working from a six-dimensional wellness model, each of her presentations is carefully crafted to give participants an opportunity to see their lives in a different light, open their minds to new ways of thinking, and adapt behaviors that improve health, nourish relationships, enhance creativity, heighten the joy, and enrich quality of living.

  • Value of Humor
    Laughter really is good medicine, for everyone. So why aren't we laughing more? There is as much comedy in life as tragedy but we don't take advantage of it when we're bogged down in the daily grind or hyped-up for yet another security alert. A sense of humor is one of the most valuable assets for shifting perspectives, improving health, and learning to live in a sprit of joy. In the workplace, the right kind of humor can improve morale, customer service and the bottom-line.

    • Humor at Work : Laughter as a Profit Center
    • Humor for the Health of It : Immunize Against Stress
    • Ladies, Life, and Laughter : The Role of Humor in Keeping Women Healthy, Happy, and Sane
    • Humor, Hope, and Healing : Immunize Against Stress
    • Biting Off More Than You Can Chew-Life In The Sandwich Generation
    • A Merry Heart Really is Good Medicine

  • Life Balance and Wellness
    Quality of life is so much more than reducing stress or having some money in the bank. Kathleen's presentations on life balance and wellness are designed to help participants make conscious choices that improve all dimensions of their well-being: physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational and spiritual health. She delivers an enlightening message relevant to every adult group.

    • It's Your Life-Choose Well : Living Life by Design
    • Add Life to Your Balance Sheet : Invest in Your Best Asset-Your People

  • Food for Thought - Entertainment
    An upbeat message plus a lot of laughter - an effective combination for presentations designed to help participants recharge, regroup, and reframe. When your agenda is heavy, let Kathleen lighten it up. Your audiences will enjoy clean humor that is thought- provoking and laugh-out-loud funny.

    • A Seat at the Buffet : Challenging Life's Unwritten Rules

  • Change Management
    Change. It's an unavoidable part of life. So why do we fight it, rather than embrace it? It comes down to perspective. When we learn to consciously change perspective, life's journey gets easier, more interesting, and a lot more fun.

    • Managing Change by Changing Your Tune : Orchestrating Success

It's Your Life Humor Me
It's Your Life - Choose Well:
Thoughts on Living a Happier, Healthier, Saner Life Now -
Not Someday
Humor Me: America's Funniest Humorists on the
Power of Laughter

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