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Flying Fish / bizFutures Consulting Team Washington
Pike Place Fish Market

Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion and a positive attitude with them each day. An environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues, and to their customers. Impossible? Not at all. You can find just that in Seattle's Pike Place Market, an historic, open air market located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. People come from all over the world to see the world famous crew of fish mongers throwing fish and having fun with customers.

John Yokoyama is the owner of World Famous Pike Place Fish. John purchased Pike Place Fish in 1965. At that time, John was one of several employees of the quiet, unassuming little fish stand. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to sell the business, John's employer offered him the opportunity to purchase Pike Place Fish.

As a young man of 25, John was at first hesitant to buy the business. However, the monthly payments on his new 1965 Buick Riviera were taking most of his pay. He decided he could do better on an owner's salary and went ahead and bought the, originally, John purchased Pike Place Fish so that he could make his car payments - amazing how things have turned out!

Over the years humble little Pike Place Fish became "World Famous" Pike Place Fish, a dynamic, fast-paced retail fish market that's fun for both customers and employees! The antics of the fish-flinging staff have become the highlight of the Pike Place Market, and have been featured in Spike Lee's Levi commercial, on NBC's "Frasier," MTV's "Real World," and ABC's "Good Morning America". The "low-flying fish" have been captured on film and immortalized in print by filmmakers and journalists from all over the world.

In 1996, Charthouse Educational Corporation produced two award winning corporate training films, "Fish" and "Fish Sticks". These two videos document the amazing culture of Pike Place Fish and have become the best selling corporate training videos in the world. In a CNN Special Report on January 26, 2001, CNN identified the three most fun places to work in the United States. The World Famous Pike Place Fish Market was #1!

John has received many requests from other businesses and organizations to coach and instruct them on the underlying principles that have given shape to his company. To accommodate these requests, John, along with his coach/consultant, Jim Bergquist from bizFutures Consulting Company, has formed a new company, The Flying Fish/bizFutures Consulting Team, LLC.

The Team now travels to company conventions and special events where John and the Fishmongers deliver their Fish Wisdom in a way that is fun, educational and inspiring. The team also produces an array of very effective mini-workshops for managers and employees as well as a seminar entitled "INSIDE-OUT: Principles for Creating a Vital Workplace" which is held periodically in Seattle, WA.

Each presentation features the Fishmongers from World Famous Pike Place Fish, John Yokoyama and their longtime coach from bizFutures Consulting, Jim Bergquist. These high energy, high impact presentations not only leave audiences laughing out loud (with occasional shrieks of delight) but with something far more profound and lasting. Participants can take away powerful insights to generate success in their workplace.

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  • Loving What You Do and Doing What You Love - Take a look at the importance of having a powerful vision and what it takes to create a work environment that empowers people to be great at what they do - and love doing it.

  • Creative Listening - The Flying Fish Consulting Team has discovered that most people don't listen, but think they do. This topic explores the kind of awareness that's required to listen to people in a powerful way.

  • Team Building - From Managing to Coaching - In this topic, the Flying Fish Consulting Team addresses the kind of creativity and productivity that's possible when managers transform themselves into coaches who are out to enhance their players' performances and build great teams. They will show you how to get started being coaches.

  • Beyond Customer Service - An Opportunity to Make a Difference - Most organizations know that their relevance and, indeed, their very existence can depend on the quality of service they provide for their customers (both external and internal). In this topic, the Flying Fish Consulting Team will share what it takes to deliver service that actually impacts the quality of someone's life.

  • A Game Worth Playing - Creating a Company People Love to Work For - What does it take to have people stay with your company? What does it take for them to decide your company is the place they want to build their future? This presentation will explore the possibility of creating a place for people to build their future.
When Fish Fly Catch!
When Fish Fly: Lessons for Creating a Vital and Energized Workplace - From the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market Catch!: A Fishmonger's Guide to Greatness

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