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John Pullum Michigan
John Pullum

Keynote speaker, mentalist and TV host John Pullum has motivated and entertained corporate audiences around the world for more than 20 years. If John's face looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen him on TV once or twice. John was the television host of the Discovery Channel's series "More Than Human," "Thrill Rides: Put to The Test," and also appeared on "Unsolved History" and "More Science of Magic" as their hypnosis / mind reading expert.

Drawing from a lifetime of experience, John makes each presentation unique by interacting with the thoughts of audience members. All John's presentations are 100% clean and always involve a lot of audience participation. John knows how to entertain and motivate your very important guests at your event. He's very easy to work with and will make your event run as smooth as can be. John is an event planner's dream come true!

John Pullum's clients include: 3M, Ford Motor Company, Prudential Financial, University of Notre Dame, Morgan Stanley, Hitachi, Nestle, Kobe Steel, SDI Technologies, Shell Oil Company, Association of Directory Publishers, KMart, Price WaterhouseCoopers, Origen Financial, Bosch, Carrier, Flagstar Bancorp, Mariner Health Care, MTV and many more. From events as small as 5 people in attendance to events with thousands, John has a presentation that will entertain and/or motivate any size audience.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, John started performing at local events while still in his teens. Earning a reputation for his baffling mentalist stunts and incredible comedic timing, he quickly became a favorite at corporate events and private parties.

In 2003 the Discovery Channel put John to the ultimate test. During the final episode of "More Than Human," the series John hosted, they put John up against the top body language experts and thought reading devices. They wanted to challenge him to see if they could figure out what he was thinking. It was the ultimate test of man vs. machine and one of the most expensive lie detecting experiments ever created for TV.

John continues to baffle the experts and his audiences around the world. Now, you can hire John to try to tap into your audience's mind. No need for state-of-the-art machines. You only need John Pullum. During John's comedy mind reading / mentalist show, you'll be amazed with what John is able to do. Will he read your mind? Will he read the CEO's mind? How about your spouse's mind? Wouldn't you like to know what they are really thinking? Nothing is revealed that is too personal or embarrassing. John's shows and motivational speeches involve your audience. Everyone will feel like they were a part of his presentation.

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  • Corporate Entertainment - Are you having an awards banquet, sales meeting, customer appreciation event, company holiday party or other event and need some entertainment? America's Funniest Mind Reader John Pullum is the perfect fit for your entertainment needs if you are looking for something unique, hilarious and simply amazing. His quick wit and amazing mind reading combine for a hilarious show. Will you be one of the lucky ones that has their mind read by John? You'll be totally amazed with his 100% clean, audience participation, comedy mind reading / mentalist show.

  • Motivational Entertainment - Do you want to motivate your audience while entertaining them at the same time? Motivational entertainment is a specialty of John Pullum. This presentation his most requested presentation for corporate events. John Pullum's quick wit and amazing mind reading combined with inspiring and fun motivational stories all add up to one spectacular presentation. (This is John's corporate entertainment presentation with motivational segments added in.)

  • Keynote Speaker - Do you want to motivate and inspire your guests? Keynote Speaker John Pullum can do just that. There are times that John's motivational entertainment just won't fit into your program. Those are the times your employees need more motivation and a really inspirational heart to heart talk without so much added entertainment. John's motivational keynote speech is a perfect addition when you hire John for your evening entertainment. He can motivate and inspire your guests as the opening keynote speaker at the beginning of your even or the closing keynote speaker at the end.

  • Event Host/Emcee - On most lists of fears, the fear of public speaking comes before the fear of death. Many CEOs or other event coordinators are afraid to get up in front of people to speak. John Pullum is able to be your event's master of ceremonies and take that fear away from you. John has hosted over 2 dozen national and international television specials for The Discovery Channel. Why not have John interview your CEO, employees and customers on stage or have a crew film John's interviews and play them back at the event? John can keep your awards ceremony or other session moving along and keep everyone entertained at the same time.

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