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Anne Ryder Indiana
Anne Ryder

Anne Ryder is a freelance journalist, professor and national speaker. President of Ryder Media LLC, Anne has reported from war zones, including Bosnia and the Kosovo conflict. She's profiled the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, as well as numerous other peacemakers. Anne's rare interview in Calcutta was the last one Mother Teresa gave before her death.

Anne tells stories that celebrate hope, faith and the resilience of the human spirit. She has earned 16 regional Emmy Awards and six national honors, including two Edward R Murrow awards for excellence in television. In 2009 she was inducted into the Indiana Broadcast Hall of Fame. A medical emergency prompted Anne to shift her priorities and find more personal balance. It also increased her profound respect for compassionate nursing care.

Anne is a Visiting Professor of Broadcast Journalism at Indiana University-Bloomington, maintains a freelance relationship with the Indianapolis NBC affiliate and writes for a magazine based in Italy. She has also been a guest host on National Public Radio's "Sound Medicine." Anne graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia Journalism School and has Honorary Doctorates from three other Universities. Anne is a mother, and is passionate about issues relating to Alzheimer's research, cancer and poverty.

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  • "Anne is a top-notch speaker and was a nice choice for this year's closing of the conference. She engaged her audience on a personal and emotional level."

  • "I think this was the very best closing session in the eight national conferences I have attended."

  • "Great way to conclude a conference. It was rewarding to have validation for nurses from a non-nursing person! Anne brought tears to my eyes!"

  • "Excellent speaker. Connected relevance of our everyday practice and the impact it has on our patients."

    - WOCN Conference Attendees

  • Change and Chaos: Mastering Stress and Grief with Compassionate Connection - A profound sense of loss is rolling across the healthcare landscape as wholesale change forces a shift in hospital cultures and best practices. The employee toll is a sense of chaos, disconnection and grief. How do you grieve the old when implementing the new? What can we learn from chaos and stress, and how can we turn it around? Anne Ryder taps personal experiences with stress, loss, the patient perspective on compassionate care and an extended encounter with Mother Teresa to offer micro-solutions to a macro concern -- maintaining compassionate connection in the midst of chaos.

  • In An Instant: Reacting to Life's Turning Points - Life can change "in an instant"-in a diagnosis, an accident, or a job loss. Anne Ryder calls upon 25 years of stories as an Emmy-award winning journalist to examine how people have made transcendent breakthroughs in the face of great difficulty. This includes her year-long follow of three men critically burned in a fire, a 7 year follow of a girl whose face was rebuilt after an accident, and a family's decision to honor a teenage girl's wishes to donate her organs so that others could live after she died.

  • The Golden Thread: The Compassion Connection from Mother Teresa's Calcutta to the Modern Bedside - Despite technology that allows us to connect instantly to nearly anyone on the planet, we sometimes fail to make the connections that matter most. This moving presentation taps stories gleaned first-hand from Mother Teresa and from nurses in clinical settings around the country. The stories of patient connections that make a profound difference take the listener from tears to laughter. It's about looking up from the email and the charts and following the intuitive hit to hold a hand, whisper a comforting word, or notice something that everyone else fails to see. Care-giving starts in the heart, and the golden thread of compassionate care that binds you to your patient shows up best in the dark, when they are most apt to feel alone and disconnected.

  • Power, Peace and Perseverance: Lessons Learned from Mother Teresa - This is the "story behind the story" of the final interview with Mother Teresa before her death, the moving lessons learned, and the ways they came full circle years later with life experience. Mother Teresa said, "Calcutta is everywhere is you have the eyes to see it." DVD clips help punctuate a moving and often humorous presentation that helps unify people of various and even no traditional faith under the common denominators of love and service. The enduring message of connecting to others in service, and building a receptive soul of stamina even in times of difficulty, darkness and doubt, resonates long after the speech is over.

  • Hope to Tell: Stories of Hope and Faith in Everyday Life - Everyone has a story. This session will help people mindfully consider how their own stories shape their decisions, actions and interactions. It includes a diverse array of stories and video clips ranging from two centenarian best friends with their "secret" to a long, fruitful life, to a death row inmate with a genius IQ and a message for kids on the edge, to a welfare mother of 12 who used grit, mustard seed faith and her children's help to climb out of poverty and into a doctoral program.

  • Balancing Act: What Happens When Life Slows Down? - Leaving a high profile both, either by choice or circumstance, (retirement or layoff) can be both challenging and liberating. Eventually you come face to face with yourself. How do you manage the bumps in the road and the journey, without returning to a place where "busy work" is your distraction from soul work? This includes personal stories of the ups and downs of a new, less chaotic life. These are "notes from the road" from a former news anchor and reporter now on the journey to a more sane and spirit-filled way of living.

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