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The Second City Illinois

Second City Works uses comedy, improvisation and digital content to help hundreds of global clients reach, engage and develop their employees and customers.

Drawing on The Second City's 55-year legacy of engaging audiences with smart, incisive comedy, Second City Works has evolved from its early days in corporate entertainment to become a leading innovator in professional development, marketing services and event support. The company focuses on four practice areas: sales effectiveness, talent and leadership development, legal and compliance and marketing and content.

Second City Works also licenses innovative video content for corporate education under the brand RealBiz Shorts, a cloud-based service of video libraries with funny content tailored to ethics, compliance, life sciences, human resources, talent development, and sales enablement training. The Second City's legendary take on how improvisation helps organizations and leaders meet important challenges – and get great results – is the focus of a new book by Tom Yorton and Second City Executive Vice President, Kelly Leonard titled, Yes And: How Improvisation Reverses "No, But" Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration, which is published by Harper Collins.

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  • Talent Development - Leaders aren't meeting with their teams in placid weekly meetings--they're wrangling a conference call during a half-hour layover while responding to three panic-stricken emails. So how can organizations develop exceptional talent when each day looks different and the stakes are constantly rising? Second City has been one of the country's premier talent organizations for over 50 years, and here's what they know: great performers are also great ensemble members. Great talent commits to individual team member success and unlocks the power of the ensemble. Improvisation provides a safe, relevant way to practice the important skills necessary for team performance in today's rapidly shifting world. From improving collaboration in live learning to reinforcing leader development via digital content, let's partner to maximize your talent.

  • Sales Effectiveness - You just hired a new seller. Now what? There's onboarding, learning a new methodology, assigning a territory, finding collateral, meeting prospects, etc. Two years later, productivity is low, dreams of President's Club are exactly that, and engagement bottoms out – right before the pendulum swings positive. Wash, rinse, repeat – and you're resigned to 20% annual turnover. It doesn't have to be that way. Sales is fundamentally an act of improv, and Second City can create memorable customer interactions that help your teams win. Check out how their live sessions and digital content will bolster your team's effectiveness face-to-face.

  • Marketing & Content - Heard about that interactive company that data-mined its target audience to create insightful, humorous content in real time? No? They're called The Second City, it’s called a sketch comedy revue, and they’ve been doing it for over 55 years. Their process of audience-testing material night after night has given them a deep respect for the value of consumer intimacy. For the last decade, they’ve been doing this for brands, helping marketers co-create with consumers so they can win them over with their message.

  • Legal & Compliance - You hear the moaning and groaning. Not another "check the box" training course on insider trading! Didn't we do that last year? But for Compliance Officers, this isn't just training, it's critical risk mitigation. Raising the company's ethical reputation, not to mention avoiding the unpleasantness of jail, can make or break Compliance success. Yet to change behaviors, you have to change attitudes. Before that, you have to get people to pay attention. The higher the stakes for understanding, the more an audience needs a hook to get that attention. The Second City's work drives audience engagement on high stakes corporate compliance topics. Learn what over 450+ blue chip clients already have!
Yes, And
Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses "No, But" Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration--Lessons from The Second City

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