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Eddie Slowikowski Illinois
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3 minutes and 58 seconds. That is the amount of time it took Eddie Slowikowski to run the mile. Whether it's as a Gold Medal winner for the USA Track & Field Team, a 3-time NCAA All-American or the world's most dynamic professional speaker, Eddie knows a thing or two about peak performance. Through years of training as an athlete and running his own speaking business, he knows what it takes to be elite.

Eddie has always had the can-do spirit of an entrepreneur, in all walks of life. Best of all, Eddie can channel that sense of accomplishment through interactive storytelling to audiences everywhere. He can make you laugh, cry, dance and learn...all in one presentation. It's a rollercoaster journey like no other, and Eddie's been doing it for over 24 years.

Throughout all the accomplishments and medals, Eddie sought to enrich his life with service and empowerment for himself and others. Through month-long service projects in Central America and helping the homeless in the city of Chicago, Eddie widened his world-view beyond the life of sports. Now a father of two, he proves that a successful balance of life and business can be attained.

Eddie speaks to tens of thousands of people year in and year out, utilizing a vast array of programs that are always customized to fit the needs of each audience. Whether it's for corporations or associations, Eddie's personally devised programs are ever changing, keeping his message on the cutting edge for audiences everywhere. His extraordinary rate of repeat business is a testament to his versatile talent. The one constant through it all remains his high-energy message and interactive style. With his own state of the art sound system, Eddie uses music, sound effects, dancing and audience interaction to bring his memorable presentations to life.

One thing is for sure: with Eddie Slowikowski, you'll learn how to energize your performance to get the best out of your ability.

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  • The 4-Minute Formula - One dream that internationally known speaker Eddie has achieved in his life is running the mile in under 4 minutes. Since 1957, only 442 runners from the United States have achieved this feat. Eddie Slowikowski's 4-Minute Formula will get you well on your way to realizing the best version of you. Through storytelling and high-energy showmanship, Eddie shows participants how to follow through on a vision from inception to achievement and how to create positive energy for yourself and others. It's time to match who you are with who you want to be. Create the congruency of peak performance and attain the attitude of, Be That Now!

    In this spirit, Eddie serves as the ultimate Performance Coach, taking participants through the 4-Minute Formula:
    • Discover Your Purpose
    • Ignite Your Passion
    • Do the Work
    • Become the Best Version of You

  • The Best Version of YOU - "There's a way to do it better - find it." This quote from Thomas Edison gets to the heart of innovation. Utilize your in-born gifts of imagination and creativity to build the ultimate peak performer. Internationally known speaker Eddie Slowikowski takes participants on the ride of a lifetime to discover the greatness that lies within all of us. In his program, The Best Version of You, Eddie shows audiences how to transcend failure. By relating the story of coming in second place at the big State Championship, Eddie relates how setbacks can set us up for future success. How we respond to "losing" shows us who we really are because, when the chips are down, your true character is revealed. Find the winner within through struggle and come out the other side to be a more well-rounded, battle-tested and mature person.

    The Best Version of You takes things up a notch with high-energy audience interaction. Through hilarious and poignant storytelling, Eddie gets to the core of what it really means to dig deep and find "the real you." What makes you tick? Why do you act and react the way you do? How can you be more comfortable in your own skin? By questioning your actions and influences, you can discover the truth at the heart of your character. In the end, being the best version of you is all anyone can ask. And that's where true leadership begins.

  • What I've Learned Along the Way - Your biography is the roadmap to your future. Knowing "who you were when" gives you insight on how to achieve the life you want right now. Eddie takes participants through his own biography to reveal personal truths, failures and triumphs. Studying your past is the time for you to consider your life with unblinking honesty in order to uncover your true talents and passions in life. It's time to conduct your own reality check.

    In over 24 years of speaking, Eddie Slowikowski has inspired thousands with his message of conceiving, believing and achieving one's dreams in life. "We must summon the necessary forces of honor, truth and love. We don't get to decide how or when our lives will end. We can only choose how we are going to live, how we are going to take our journey." In the end, your personal biography is where your story begins. Find your passion through the ups and downs of the rollercoaster of life.

  • Teaming Up to Make a Difference (Breakout session) - If you want to feel empowered to succeed as part of a team, this breakout rocks it! Join Eddie Slowikowski for a raucous, high-spirited, musical trivia party - and learn amazing Teambuilding techniques along the way. Eddie uses pop culture, today's biggest music hits and collaborative skills to get participants moving and the competition flying.

  • The Real You: How to Find Your True Values (Breakout session) - What is truly valuable in life? What do you believe in? It's time to find out what lies underneath your actions. Take a powerful journey of self-discovery with Eddie Slowikowski by grappling with the biggest challenges in your life. Establish your priorities, identify your strengths and overcome your fears to come face-to-face with "the real you."

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