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Michael Staver, CSP Florida
Photo of Michael Staver

Mike Staver is the CEO of The Staver Group and has been described as a "rebel with a cause." What is that cause? Working with leaders in industries around the world to help them confront their realities, zero in on their fears, take action in spite of those fears and start making the quick decisions necessary to achieve outstanding results in a global economy.

With a bachelor's degree in business and a master's in psychology, Mike cuts through the superfluous and gets to the heart of what needs to be done. Through his keynote speaking and executive coaching, he reaches tens of thousands of people each year and challenges them to courageously rethink business as usual.

An advocate of counterintuitive thinking, Mike resists conventional wisdom and instead presents the cold, hard truth with challenging honesty. Mike is unafraid of confronting what needs to be confronted; you will be inspired to take courageous action where needed after experiencing his influence. His high energy, love of humor, and his uncanny ability to simplify complex issues and make them actionable and memorable make him one of the most inspiring speakers you will ever hear.

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  • Leadership Isn't For Cowards: How to Lead Courageously in a Turbulent Age - We live in an age when it is more and more challenging to manage all of the information, demands and challenges that are coming at us. It takes real courage to stand firm in what you believe and then to get your followers to understand what really matters and how to execute effectively. Your ability to influence your followers is key to every step of creating significant results. Courage is the key element in that process.

    Participants will learn:
    • The real definition of courage
    • The three most important steps you will ever take
    • The power of commitment
    • What your followers do, really do, when you are not around
    • The primary motivator of all people
    • The three things every leader can do to insure leadership failure
    • The importance of high gain activity and how to do more of it
    • Six steps that will insure effective execution

  • How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience: How It Was Is Not How It Is - Are You Creating a World-Class Customer Experience? Please read that carefully. Then read it again. When all extraneous issues are stripped away, the customer experience is the single most critical factor in determining your success. In a very real sense, nothing else matters. How that experience is defined is the key to success.

    People sometimes hesitate to speak of creating the customer experience because it can sound cliché or simple. The fact is it is simple - but not easy. Up until around 1995, the provider of goods and services drove the transaction. That is not the way it is anymore, and we are not going back. To believe that customers are going to transact business the way they always have is to ignore the majority of the research and to ignore your own experience as a consumer. Today the customer, and only the customer, defines what that experience is and how much it is worth.

    Participants will learn:
    • How to create a unique differentiator for you in the marketplace
    • Why customer service does not differentiate you
    • The motivator of all consumers
    • Key strategies for re-inventing your customer experience model
    • How to deliver a wildly successful experience for each and every one of your customers from start to finish

  • How to Stay Calm Under Pressure: Deal With It! - It's not about stress management. That won't work! It's not about changing your circumstances. That will only change the scenery. Today, more than ever, you are being asked to do more and more. What it gets down to is how you choose to invest energy. It's not the hours you work, it's the value you get from the work you do. Do not, under any circumstances, let someone convince you that it is an easy process - but it is simple. In this session, participants will learn what it takes to stay calm and focused even if they don't like the circumstances.

    Participants will learn:
    • What drives your choices
    • Why distress has the effect it has
    • Why the things that happen to you, while challenging at times, are not the problem
    • The steps to staying calm and productive
    • The thought processes that cause some to thrive and others to collapse

  • How to Build a High Performance Culture: Getting the Heart of the Leader Beating in the Chest of the Follower - What do you stand for? What does your company stand for? Are your values clear? Are they obvious to customers, staff and the community? Is your company optimally positioned and differentiated by the consistent application of your vision and core values? Most leaders and organizations are moving at such a rapid pace that taking a step back to think about these things seems like a luxury when, in fact, it couldn't be more crucial. It doesn't matter where your company and your industry stands in the growth cycle. Focusing on who you are and what you stand for is the most critical thing you can do.

    Participants will learn:
    • How to identify and apply their core values to their leadership
    • How to align their behavior with what they say they believe
    • How to be powerfully influential regardless of level of authority
    • How to build accountability and improve efficiency

  • Winning is No Accident - Every day massive accomplishments are realized all over the world: diseases being cured; teams winning championships; innovative products going to market; and a host of other positive experiences. These things do not happen by accident. They happen as the direct result of certain fundamental principles. The good news is they aren't a secret; they aren't hidden in some far-off locale, waiting to be unearthed. They are ready and available for you right now. While these life and business-transforming principles are simple, they are not always simple to implement. Here is an opportunity to learn and apply EXACTLY what you need to do to accomplish outstanding results.

    Participants will learn:
    • The equation that creates the highest likelihood of success
    • The four key principles to pacing yourself effectively
    • How to deal with obstacles and opportunities

  • Talent for Keeps: How to Attract, Retain, and Engage Top Performers - To be successful now and in the future, companies need to recruit, sustain and develop forward-thinking, creative, engaged, and passionate people. Many companies design or purchase platforms they think will meet their talent objectives. The problem is that these decisions are done in a vacuum without awareness of one essential fact: Talent stays or leaves depending on the demonstration of authentic and courageous leadership. People join companies and they leave managers. The difference in retaining top performers is whether your people enjoy coming to work or make excuses to do the minimum.

    Participants will learn:
    • How to leverage your key leaders to engage the workforce.
    • The tools needed to build a high-performance culture that people love and that enables each individual to come forward and work in a unified spirit.
Leadership Isn't For Cowards Do You Know How to Shut Up?
Leadership Isn't For Cowards: How to Drive Performance by Challenging People and Confronting Problems Do You Know How to Shut Up?...and 51 Other Life Lessons That Will Make You Uncomfortable

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