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Shirley Stelbrink Illinois
Shirley Stelbrink

A life philosophy of "aptitude plus attitude equals success" has lead Shirley Stelbrink to numerous accomplishments both in and out of the training arena.

Shirley's approach and success as a training consultant is rooted in this life philosophy. Whether providing communication skills to manufacturing plant managers or professionalism training to administrative assistants, Shirley's training style is equally effective.

Shirley's commitment to organization and individual growth began a number of years ago when she worked in both the insurance and technology industries. As the first Account Manager for a national information technology consulting company, Shirley was introduced to the training field. She coordinated the new employee technical orientation program and served as organizational liaison for performance management. Shirley initiated the creation of three positions within her employment including Project Coordinator, Account Manager and Employee Development Director.

With a passion for employee and organization development and a life philosophy of success, Shirley became the owner of Stelbrink-Crews & Company in October 2003 until January 2007 when she joined Learning Alliances Company as Lead Training Consultant. The completion of her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Kennedy-Western University in May, 2003 truly reflected her strong commitment to learning.

Shirley stays active in her community and profession. She is a member of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Weldon Springs Foundation and is a past adjunct faculty member at Heartland Community College in Bloomington, Illinois. In 2006, due to her professional and civic accomplishment, Shirley was selected to join Leadership Illinois. She now serves on the Leadership Illinois Board of Directors. When not training, Shirley enjoys playing tennis, interior decorating, bicycling and reading.

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  • Bah Humbug!! Re-igniting Passion in the Workplace - These days it is not just the holiday when "bah humbug" can be heard in the workplace. Negative attitude and poor morale seem to be "catching." How do we re-ignite passion in a workplace that seems to have lost its heart... a workplace that has placed increasing demands with little job security? We will take a look at relearning optimism and putting passion back into our work and life.

  • Discovering the Treasures of the Workplace Generations - Within the business community, a shift is taking place in the workplace. Many recruiters, human resource staff members and managers are discussing how to motivate and maintain productivity within the workforce. This light-hearted look at each generation's strengths and limitations will help you to understand how to get the best from others ... no matter their age and views.

  • Get High on Yourself! - Even the most optimistic of us can get pulled down by life's unexpected changes. We will focus on the five basics to pulling yourself up when life has let you down. This is a perfect opening address or motivational closing to any retreat, conference or workshop. This high-energy and motivating speech uses humor and real life adventures to stimulate you to "do something."

  • Getting the B.E.S.T. From Others! - Ever feel like most of your day has been spent putting out fires? Recently feel like you were totally misunderstood by a fellow employee? Today's multi-tasking frenzy requires that communication be THE critical skill and tool in getting us all moving in the same direction. Communication impacts effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency. This high energy speech will cover four practical principles to use when communicating with others in order to get the B.E.S.T. from them.

  • Is That What I Said? A Look at Gender Communication Differences - Lee Iacocca said "communication is everything" and that has never been more true than in today's diverse work setting. Without bashing or judging, you will take a humorous and realistic look at our communication differences and show how to bridge these gaps. This topic will not require a trip to other planets, but may cause you to laugh at yourself.

  • Life's Lessons Learned From Lemons - Ever had just "one of those days" that seems to get extended to a week, a month or more? When life hands us chaos and disappointment, it is easy to go "sour on life." This topic will suggest that you use lessons from lemons to keep the bitterness of life from pulling you down.

  • Real Heroes Don't... - The last century has seen the rise and fall of numerous heroes. Who are the heroes of today and tomorrow? How do we select heroes? How do our youth select their role models? What impact does a fallen hero have on our society? This high-energy speech will investigate how we have selected our heroes and will stimulate you to select some new heroes. You will leave with food for thought and new energy to motivate you and your organization.

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