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Jack Shaw Georgia
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Jack Shaw is a Pragmatic Visionary, a Digital Strategist, an experienced Technology Executive, a Consulting Futurist and a world renowned Keynote Speaker. He was voted one of the World's Top 5 Technology Futurists by over 12,000 meetings planners, executives and conference attendees.

Jack Shaw has been a Technology Futurist for over 30 years helping others to understand the strategic implications of emerging technologies. Hes a Marketing Strategist, Industry Thought Leader, and Author of three critically acclaimed books on business and technology.

He has advised such leading Technology Providers as Oracle, SAP, IBM, CA Technologies and many more. He has also provided expert guidance and best practices to such Fortune 500 Companies as GE and Coca Cola, among others, as well as to hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses.

A charismatic speaker, hes delivered more than 1000 keynote speeches and executive presentations in more than 20 countries. Jack graduated from Yale with a degree in Business Administration and has an MBA from Kellogg in Finance and Marketing.

He is widely recognized for his expertise in such breakthrough business technologies as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D Printing

As well as such established technologies as:

  • Ecommerce/Omnicommerce
  • Big Data
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Supply Chain Management

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  • Artificial Intelligence- Business Systems and Processes That Think for Themselves - From Watson, to Siri, to Cortana and Alexa, we hear more and about Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what is coming over the next few years. Intelligent Systems for Data, Discovery and Decision Management will utterly transform business, commerce and society. Jack Shaw has been accurately predicting advances in business technology for over 30 years. Having spent years leading commercial systems for one of the most advanced providers of AI, Jack is an expert on the business applications of Intelligent Systems.

  • The New Internet of Trust: Bitcoin, Blockchains and Smart Contracts - Richard Branson has invested millions in it. Marc Andreessen, inventor of the Web Browser and founder of top Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, says Blockchain is the greatest thing to hit the Internet since the World Wide Web. And The Economist magazine says that Blockchain technology is the biggest advance in record keeping since the invention of double-entry bookkeeping over 500 years ago. So, what do these experts know that you don't? As Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council, Jack Shaw is one of the world's leading experts on Blockchains, Bitcoin, Digital Currencies and Smart Contracts. Come learn from him how to prepare for a challenging and exciting future on the new Internet of Trust.

  • Digital Transformation: Rethinking Your Business Ecosystem - Digital Transformation is one of the hottest topics of discussion in C-Suites around the world - and with good reason. Executives are facing the rising expectations of the connected consumer; the revolutionary potential of such emerging technologies as the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing; and continued pressure from competitors and the market - simultaneously! Jack will lay out a scenario for a digitally transformed ecosystem in your industry and describe the enabling emerging technologies. Then he'll discuss the steps your business can take to successfully plan for and implement your Digital Transformation.

  • The Future of Manufacturing and Distribution - The future of manufacturing and distribution depends on emerging technologies that will change both industries more over the next 5 - 10 years than in the last 50. Sophisticated planning systems will soon take into account such factors as changing economic conditions and even the weather in order to identify the best possible combinations of production planning, picking, packing, loading, shipping and distribution for their products. Jack Shaw has been helping manufacturers and distributors benefit from emerging innovations for over 30 years. Come listen and learn how your business can plan to take full advantage of these incipient breakthroughs.

  • Are You Ready for the Internet of Things - and the Future of Everything? - The Internet of Things (IoT) is a critical component of a fundamental shift in human history. Enabling the IoT means not merely appending, but embedding sensors, simple processors and communications capabilities into an ever widening array of objects of all kinds. Doing so will provide a critical link between the digital and physical worlds. With the IoT, we'll no longer have to capture information about physical objects, they'll report on themselves - their location, status, condition and environment. Experts estimate that, by 2020, anywhere from 50 billion to 200 billion "Things" will be part of the IoT. Jack has been helping people and organizations understand and plan for the Internet of Things and the broader ecosystems it helps to compose for years. Watch and listen as he helps your team understand the implications for your business and industry, and as he helps you to accelerate the strategic planning process you'll need to gain the maximum benefits from the Internet of Things going forward.

  • 3D Printing - The Next Industrial Revolution - 3D Printing, also referred to as Additive Manufacturing, is more than a new manufacturing technique. There are powerful economic incentives for adopting Additive Manufacturing on its own. But, when combined with other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Intelligent Systems; 3D Printing manifests as a powerful economic stimulant for manufacturers, supply chains and the global economy. In this presentation Jack Shaw addresses the What, Why, When, Where and How of 3D Printing, shows the impact it is already having and explores the keystone role it will play in the digital economy of the 2020's.

  • OmniCommerce - Meeting Business' Next Grand Challenge - As we become an ever more mobile global society, people expect to be able to work, shop and play from wherever they are located. And customers expect, indeed demand, a seamless experience across physical stores, web presence and their mobile devices - that is, everywhere. This is OmniCommerce. But making this happen means businesses must integrate their physical processes and their IT systems to provide consistent customer experiences and to make near real time decisions on virtually everything from product designs to marketing campaigns to investment strategies. Join Jack for a session that will both stimulate action for today and catalyze change for tomorrow.

  • Bracing for the Big One: Business Systems and Processes That Think for Themselves - The Big One is coming, and it's coming soon. Intelligent Systems will utterly transform business, commerce and society. Self-optimizing production scheduling, autonomic supply chains and self-configuring business ecosystems are just a few examples of Intelligent systems that will shake the world. In this presentation, Jack will cite case studies, real-world examples and success stories show how leading edge businesses are using these technologies to cut costs, improve service and promote innovation. Join him as he explains intelligent systems and what your organizations can do to plan for the most dynamic, breathtaking set of business technologies yet.
Surviving the Digital Jungle
Surviving the Digital Jungle: What Every Executive Needs to Know About eCommerce and eBusiness

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