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Increasing the Kindness Quotient at Work to Keep Top Talent and Build Teamwork

Mary Kelly

01/02/23 | Motivation


Increasing the Kindness Quotient at Work to Keep Top Talent and Build Teamwork

How high is your workplace Kindness Quotient? Kindness is important at work. And everywhere.

Lots of today’s popular advice tells people to focus on achieving individual goals to get ahead.

Some people work their careers as if it is an individual competitive sport. They throw themselves into winning at all costs, with little consideration for those who are tossed aside in the process. They often discount the needs of others, and they take credit for other people’s ideas and work. They mostly seem to watch out for themselves. They are not kind.

Not being kind hurts teamwork.

Kind people are empathetic. They pay attention to what is going on around them. They are aware of the needs of others. What is more, they are not shy about helping others when they can.

Kindness promotes teamwork.

Kindness positively impacts both us and those around us. Specifically:

Kindness is Contagious – One simple act of kindness gives rise to others. For whatever reason, when someone is kind to us, we cannot help but feel a burst of helpfulness and empathy for the next person we encounter.

Kindness Makes Every Crisis, Challenge, or Change More Tolerable – We have no idea what battles people around us are going through. Even at our most sympathetic, we do not always understand what others might be facing. Regardless of our own understanding of the situation, kind actions have a lasting impact – they make whatever the other person is going through a little more tolerable. To a person in a tough situation, a single act of kindness becomes a tangible reminder that they are not alone. Kindness is sympathy and encouragement.

Kindness Creates More Kindness – When people are stressed, they become more myopic. When we focus on ourselves and the issues we are facing, we sometimes ignore the challenges of those around us. It is easy during tough times to retreat and become more self-centered and more isolated. One act of kindness can encourage more kindness. Holding the door open for someone encourages them to hold the door for the people behind them. Because one person experienced a little kindness, they passed it along.

Kindness Helps Heal – When we are hurt, stressed, or worried, we tend to withdraw. Kindness lets people know they have support during tough times. Continued kindness has a healing effect, as it helps people move past the difficult event. This is why it is so important to reach out to people who may be struggling during the holidays.  People need to know they have help and that others care about them.

Kindness Works At Work – People genuinely want to feel valued, listened to, and respected at work. They need to know that they matter. They need to be reminded that they are part of something larger than themselves. Taking that extra few minutes to listen to someone shows that you care about them. It is kind. It is also good leadership and good teamwork. When you are kind to others, especially as a leader, you set the tone for how they should treat others.

Stress and uncertainty makes people more focused on themselves. Mindful kindness turns that focus toward other people, creating better environments.

Being kind matters. It creates stronger bonds at work, increases morale, and helps team members support each other better.

The best part about the Kindness Quotient? It can start anywhere in the organization. It can start with you.