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The Incredible Power of Words

Kevin Brown

06/07/22 | Inspiration


The Incredible Power of Words

Heroes choose their words wisely.

Wise words lead to a life of wisdom and positive influence. Words can be used to tear down walls and build bridges.

Unfortunately, they can also be used to tear down bridges and build walls.

Early in my career I had a mentor who would ask me the same question every morning.

“What’s the good word, son?”

At first, I would reply, “I don’t know it” and keep on walking.

One day he stopped me.

“Listen, if you don’t know it, then you will have to settle for the word someone else gives you.

And it may not be a good word!”

Because I was young, naïve, and pretty much a smart-ass with a gigantic chip on my shoulder, I said, “ok, then what’s the good word?”

He grinned and said, “I am glad you asked.”

“The good word today is OPPORTUNITY!”

I knew there was more coming, and he was about to teach me a powerful life lesson. I thought it would be wise for me to ditch the “chip” and actually listen.

He said, “Son, every day you have the opportunity to choose how you show up, what you do, who you are becoming and the influence you have…or don’t with those around you.”

He taught me that day the incredible power of words. Our vocabulary has an incredible influence on those around us and more importantly, the person within us. How we talk to ourselves is what determines our focus and our results.

Heroes use words to speak hope, confidence, and solutions into the lives of the people they serve and serve with.

Words are a powerful force in three important areas.

1. Attitude: Words can have a tremendous impact on our mood. Attitude is an outward expression of an inner condition. That inner condition is determined by our inner dialogue and the words we choose to believe and act upon every day. A negative dialogue within us will drive negative outcomes around us.

2. Actions: There is a great line from the movie Batman Begins.

“It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.”

Good intentions are noble. But ultimately it is what you choose to actually do that will tell the world what you’re about. The actions you take are a mirror reflection of your focus and values. It is the ultimate test of what you truly believe.

3. Results: The only thing that matters in business and in life are the results we produce. What gets done is the sum total of your contribution to your organization, your family, your community, your friends, and to humankind. The words you meditate on determine 100% of the results you create.

Words are powerful. Today you have an OPPORTUNITY to choose what you will noodle on and contemplate. Choose wisely and watch what happens to your attitude, actions, and results. Three good words in their own right.